the ostrich

Our Story

These walls have been here since 1912 to welcome you for this very moment. The stories go that a real speakeasy was named after an animal which had a correlation to the building or neighborhood to give their guest an alibi.

These walls once housed Ostrich feathers which were sold to Hollywood for flapper dresses and hats. Then there are the tunnels that connected this room with other parts of the hotel and also businesses in downtown Chandler. But in the 1950's this room was boarded up.

It was in 2014 I heard rumors of the basement. Using the original 1912 ladder hanging inside the stairwell, and a hole in the floor, I saw this room for the first time. I knew at that time this should be a very special place for everyone who visits.

Enjoy 'The Ostrich' - Michael Merendino

The Ostrich 5 PM - 1 AM (Fri, Sat)
The Ostrich 5 PM - 12 AM (Sun, Tues - Thurs)

10 North San Marcos Place, Chandler, AZ 85225