the blue heron

Our Story

So the story goes that during prohibition, patrons knew that if a bar was named after an animal it was safe. Their alibi would be "We are here because we heard there was an ostrich here". A particular animal had some type of correlation with the building or neighborhood.

In Chandler, 'The Ostrich' Actually housed ostrich feathers, which were sold to Hollywood for flapper dresses and hats.

The Blue Heron is a beautiful species seen around lakes and ponds throughout the San Tan Valley. This is the inspiration for our room and cocktails.

I welcome you and thank you so much for spending time here with us this evening.

Please enjoy - Michael Merendino

The Blue Heron 5 PM - 12 AM (Fri, Sat)
The Blue Heron 5 PM -10 PM (Sun, Tues - Thur)

2470 S Recker Rd #101, Gilbert, AZ 85295